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Star Anise: against cough and bronchitis

Star Anise: against cough and bronchitis. Star anise is a very fragrant spice, it stands out for its curious shape and for its intense and tasty flavor. Moreover, it has many natural properties!

What is star anise?

This spice is the fruit of a plant of Asian origin, but widespread throughout the world. The name of the star anise is due to the shape of its flowers, equal to an eight-pointed star. The fruit of the plant is used for various purposes and contains important active ingredients.

The flavor of this spice is aromatic and firm, similar to that of licorice or mint. A small amount is enough to give energy to the dishes.

Star anise is used as an antispasmodic, stimulant and stomachic; the main properties include digestive, carminative, stimulating exocrine, galactogogic and balsamic glands.

Star Anise: against cough and bronchitis.  Biological activity

Star Anise: against cough and bronchitis

Stomach and eupeptic properties are attributed to star anise; for this reason, it is not uncommon for the plant to be used as a remedy to counteract the loss of appetite (officially approved use).

However, these are not the only properties that star anise is endowed with. In fact, the plant is also associated with expectorant and antispasmodic activity against the gastrointestinal tract. More precisely, the essential oil and flavonoids contained within the star anise are able to exert a bronchosecretolytic type of action and induce the relaxation of the gastrointestinal smooth muscle.

The secretolytic activity carried out by the essential oil is particularly useful in the case of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, for the treatment of which, among other things, the use of star anise has been officially approved.

Furthermore, a recent study carried out on animals has shown that the ethanolic extract of star anise fruits can be a potential and valuable aid in preventing and combating hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis. However, before being able to approve a similar application of the plant in the medical field, in-depth clinical studies are certainly necessary, in such a way as to assess its real therapeutic efficacy and safety of use.

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Star anise against loss of appetite

As mentioned, thanks to the eupeptic and stomachic properties of which star anise – in particular, its essential oil – is equipped, the use of this plant has been officially approved to counteract the loss of appetite.
Generally, it is recommended to take about three grams of the drug, or 0.3 grams of essential oil a day.

Star anise against cough and bronchitis

By virtue of the secretolytic properties of the essential star anise oil, its use can be particularly useful in the case of inflammation of the respiratory tract – such as bronchitis – in the case of coughing and in the case of other types of catarrhal diseases which affect the airways.

Also in this case, the usually recommended daily dose is about 0.3 grams of essential star anise oil, or about three grams of drug.

NB: when star anise is used for therapeutic purposes, it is essential to use defined and standardized preparations in active ingredients (essential oil), since only in this way can the exact amount of pharmacologically active substances that are being taken be known.

Anice stellato contro l'inappetenza

When using star anise-based preparations, the doses of product to be taken may vary depending on the quantity of essential oil contained. This quantity is usually reported directly by the manufacturer on the package or on the illustrative leaflet of the same product, therefore, it is very important to follow the indications provided by it.

In any case, before taking any type of preparation containing star anise for therapeutic purposes, it is advisable to contact your doctor in advance.

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Star anise in folk medicine and homeopathy

The properties of star anise are also known to folk medicine, which uses it – especially in herbal teas – for the treatment of dyspeptic disorders and as a remedy against the catarrh of the respiratory tract.
Furthermore, traditional medicine also attributes galactogogue properties to this plant and therefore uses it to promote and increase the production of breast milk after delivery.

In Indian medicine, on the other hand, star anise is used as a remedy for flatulence, digestive disorders, diarrhea and intestinal spasms, and is even used for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and even as a remedy to counteract paralysis facial and hemiparesis.

Star Anise: against cough and bronchitis

Star anise is also exploited in the homeopathic field, where it can be found in the form of mother tincture or globules. In this context, the plant is used to promote the production of breast milk and as a remedy for low back pain.

The dose of homeopathic remedy to be taken can be different between one individual and another, also depending on the type of disorder and the type of homeopathic preparation and dilution that is to be used.


Ease of sunburn, liver disease, epilepsy. Ascertained hypersensitivity to one or more components of star anise.